Case Study - Rolls Royce & Aston Martin Edinburgh

Scotland’s flagship Aston Martin and Rolls Royce showrooms discovered exceptional staff training and the opportunity to steer the future of their new DMS, when they switched to Navigator.

“With other systems, it’s their way or the highway,” says Brian Ritchie, Finance Director at Leven Car Company in Edinburgh. “It’s fantastic to have a DMS supplier that meets the needs of our business and our customers.

”Leven Car Company opened its doors in April 2014 as Scotland’s premier dealership for two truly iconic brands. The company operates both Aston Martin Edinburgh and Rolls Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh. Located on the west side of the city, where its two showrooms are easily accessible to the whole country, the dealership prioritises quality and customer satisfaction above all else. Not unlike the great British manufacturers it represents.

And so, after launching with a CDK system – which Leven’s highly experienced team had used in the past – the company soon realised it was time for change.

On-site staff training included

A key reason for the switch to Navigator was the comprehensive training included with the system.

“It’s vital to our business that we have a modern DMS, which our whole team knows how to use fully,” says Brian.

“Because Navigator includes full on-site training for all staff, it was a very attractive package.”

“We’re now using our DMS to its full potential. And when we do need answers, they’re only a helpdesk call away.”

A more responsive DMS vendor

Leven Car Company has found the support they receive from DMS Ltd, the developer behind Navigator, equally refreshing.

Through personal site visits by the Navigator team, and an online feature request system, the company has been able to directly influence the future of their DMS.

“We’re able to communicate directly with the senior management at DMS to give our feedback,” says Brian.

“More importantly, we can already see how that feedback has been converted into enhanced features in the system updates we receive regularly.”

Real-time management insight

The quality and simplicity of Navigator’s management reporting features has also impressed Leven Motor Company.

Brian: “With Navigator we now get insightful management information at the press of a button. The system gives us the reports we need in real-time.”

“With our old system, we would have to run reports overnight. That’s a long time to wait for information that’s crucial to daily business decisions.”

“Navigator is the powerful and straightforward system we were looking for, and I’m very glad we found it.”
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