Case Study - Piccadilly Motors

“We are flat out, every day”

When a department manager says they’re incredibly busy but still achieves superb efficiency ratings, you know they have a leading-edge Dealer Management System behind them.

The DMS underpinning the success at Yorkshire-based Piccadilly Motors is Navigator.

Piccadilly Motors is a successful multi-site, multi-franchise dealership. Their story and their comments on Navigator are worth watching in our new video case study.
Across the group you will find passionate and skilled personnel, running four franchises (Kia, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth) across three locations, with two hugely successful service departments.

Of course, they rely on one integrated DMS to enable them to deliver continuous improvement to sales and customer service.

Best part of Navigator?  Increasing sales; streamlining reporting; ease of use. Take your pick!

If the bottom line for any dealership is the increasing of sales, then Robbie Scholey hits the nail on the head when he credits Navigator for genuinely improving sales figures.

As sales manager he knows this is not least due to the system making prospecting far more effective.

For Robbie, having a clear view of each lead and controlling how that lead is worked means he and his team can deliver excellent customer service.  This, he says, incorporates a far smarter marketing capability than the group previously had.

Of course, when searching for the very best element of Navigator, the answer depends on who you ask.

For Stuart Green, group accounts manager, it’s all about centralised accounts.  The ease with which reports are produced, the depth of their analysis and the timeliness of the information drives the business forward, says Stuart.

Keeping the heartbeat on time

As sales administrator, Becky Hall has an overview of every department and she brings them all together via Navigator.  For Becky, ease of use and integration help deliver a better customer service.

As she says, Navigator is simply far easier to use than their previous system – a major plus point in a busy group of dealerships.

But aftersales manager Jared Mason has a special reason to depend on Navigator.

He runs what he calls ‘the heartbeat of the company’.  Aftersales is, after all, a complex and integral business unit.  Jared feels the DMS enables him and his team to achieve high efficiency ratings.

It’s all about maintaining customer service

in a frantic department.

No wonder Jared says they’re ‘flat out every day’.
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