Navigator AutoVideo Shows Customers Their Vehicle Faults

Navigator AutoVideo Shows Customers Their Vehicle Faults

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the attitude taken by many vehicle owners who see the red and amber faults on their vehicles’ VHC reports… but never see the actual faults themselves.

So they don’t authorise the work, and you lose the sale. The customer’s reasoning, in many cases, is this: “How do I know the damage is really as bad as the dealership is making out?”

It’s easy to understand this reasoning. Seeing is believing, after all.

But what if you could show the customer the faults on his or her vehicle? What if you could include video and photos in every one of your VHC reports?

With Navigator AutoVideo, now you can.

Increase conversion rates

AutoVideo is the ultimate VHC upgrade, and we’re absolutely delighted to have added it to the Navigator DMS.

As we’re sure you can imagine, AutoVideo has the potential to massively increase your VHC conversion rates. When your customers can see for themselves why their vehicle needs a repair, they’ll be much more likely to authorise the work.

The benefits to your dealership include increased conversion rates and improved customer trust and transparency.

Simplicity Navigator users expect

Navigator AutoVideo is fully integrated with the Navigator DMS for efficient VHC reporting.

•    Mechanics can take video and photos of vehicle faults with their existing tablets. No hardware upgrade needed.•    Video and photos are automatically added to VHC reports•    VHC reports including photos and videos can be emailed directly to customers – no double keying required•    Customers can access their vehicle health checks, including videos showing faults, from any of their devices or computers•    Customers can also authorise work online – so it’s easier and more likely they’ll book in with you.

If you’d like to know more about AutoVideo, CLICK HERE or call the DMS team now on 0845 686 2300