Hyundai UK adds DMS Navigator to approved list

The great news that Hyundai UK has added Navigator to its list of approved DMS systems won’t come as a surprise to the various Hyundai dealers who have been enjoying using Navigator for years.  But it will come as a relief for Hyundai dealers planning to switch their DMS to one that will deliver huge savings and finally let them work the way they want to work.

This has long been a gripe among dealers of all franchises: they install a new DMS only to find they have to completely change how they’ve been operating for years to suit the peculiar ways the new DMS needs them to work.

At Navigator, we say ‘why let your DMS force you to change?’  A DMS is only a tool.  Yes, it should deliver a better, faster way of managing your business and it must equip your staff with a more efficient way of managing your customers, but it’s still only a tool.

However, we also hear customers say that once they ditch their old, traditional DMS in favour of Navigator they enjoy massive savings.  One recent new customer proudly explained that by ditching his ‘clunky’ old DMS and installing Navigator he had cut his DMS budget by around 66%.

So why has Hyundai added the Navigator DMS to its approved supplier list?

We like to feel it’s not just about the savings, but also about the fact that Navigator is very easy to use and yet it covers every aspect of the entire multi-site, multi-franchise dealership.

Perhaps it’s because dealers enjoy the straight-talking, no fuss way that DMS Navigator goes about its business?  We’re easy to work with.

Whatever the reason, there are already plenty of Hyundai dealers using Navigator all day, every day.  Plenty of people for you to contact to see what they say about Navigator.  But why not give us a call first, to get the ball rolling?