Navigator AutoVideo. Seeing is Believing.

Tell a customer their vehicle fault needs a repair, and they might believe you. Show them with AutoVideo, and they’ll know exactly why they should book in now. You can email video and photos direct from Navigator. And customers can authorise work electronically, in just a few clicks.

The ultimate VHC upgrade

Having VHC integrated with your Navigator DMS is a great way to increase bookings for ‘red’ and ‘amber’ work. Now, with AutoVideo, you can VHC to a whole new level – enabling engineers to take photos and videos of vehicle faults and add them to reports with ease.

Simple, automated, fast

AutoVideo provides exactly the kind of smooth experience that dealerships expect from Navigator. A simple interface. No double keying. And customers can access their health checks, photos and videos conveniently online.

Increase trust and conversions

It’s hard to ignore faults you can see with your own eyes. So imagine how many more customers will authorise work when they see photos and videos of the faults on their vehicles. With AutoVideo, you can show them easily – and they can authorise work direct from their PC or device.

No new hardware needed

You don’t need an expensive hardware upgrade to start using AutoVideo with Navigator. Just use the cameras in your existing tablets. You can start taking advantage of AutoVideo’s incredible sales conversion benefits right away.
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