Click to Mail

Click-to-Mail gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “direct mail marketing”. Just type your mailshot, choose recipients from Navigator and click Send. Everything from printing, to stuffing, to postage is taken care of for you – and you’ll save around 40% in costs.

One click and you’re done

Stuffing envelopes is far from a valuable way for your staff to spend their time. With Click-to-Mail they can focus on more important duties, while professional marketers print and deliver your message.

Make more of your customer data

Who needs mail merge? With Click-to-Mail, you just choose your list of mailshot recipients from your existing Navigator customer database. Everything is integrated so everything is easier.

Enjoy huge savings

Stop spending money on stationery, printer toner and postage. With Click-to-Mail, it’s all handled by our efficient printing and mailing service. All for less than the price of a stamp. You’ll save around £200 for every 1,000 letters you send, even with colour printing.

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