Cleanse Data, Improve Customer Relations

Your customer data decays more quickly than you might realise. As businesses move and people change their details, your communications become less effective – leading to wasted money and damage to your reputation. Navigator Data Cleansing, provided in association with Experian™, solves these problems by keeping your customer data fresh.

Keep customer data fresh

Thousands of people and businesses change their details every day – whether because they have moved, changed their phone preferences or even died. Navigator’s integrated Data Cleansing feature detects these changes for you. It then corrects bad data, merges duplicates and deletes defunct records.

Improve your marketing ROI

Every letter you send and phone call you make costs money. So why waste it? Navigator Data Cleansing helps make sure your marketing messages are sent to the right premises, email address or phone number. You’ll reach more customers. And you’ll get a much better return on your investment.

Show customers you care

When you get your customers’ names and details wrong on letters and emails, they notice. Over time, this can damage your customer relationships. Navigator Data Cleansing helps you get all these important details right. And it’s all done automatically.

Maintain legal compliance

Navigator Data Cleansing is designed to help your business comply with the Data Protection Act and other relevant data regulations. It’s one less thing to worry about.
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