The Final Piece in Your Dealership Management Puzzle, Navigator Data Service

Discover incredible productivity boosts when you link your third-party devices, software, and your website to your DMS. Navigator Data Service is a simple web application that integrates your entire digital business into one seamless system, for the very first time. Auto-update web pages and devices, instantly pass web enquiries to your salespeople. No more re-keying, ever

No more re-keying

Navigator already shares data across all your departments. Now data is shared in both directions with your website, eVHC devices, telephone system and much more. One database means you only need to enter customer, stock and job information once. Your dealership is more efficient than ever before.

Your website runs itself

As soon as you add new stock to Navigator, it automatically appears on your website. When a vehicle is sold, it’s removed from your site straight away. You spend less time and effort maintaining web pages, and your customers can always browse the most accurate vehicle listings.

From enquiry to sales lead in a flash

With your web enquiry forms connected to Navigator’s Sales Toolkit, you no longer need to spend time checking them – they go straight your salespeople’s screens. Easily-created customer portals also use data from your website to keep your customer database fresh. You never miss another lead, and your customers receive best-ever service.

Devices connect seamlessly

Devices like eVHC handsets can talk two ways with Navigator Data Service. So they can directly access the day’s job cards and check parts stock, while data entered on-device is passed back to Navigator. A full range of real-time, two-way connectivity is available to third-party developers such as eVHC and service plan vendors.
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