Navigator Document Storage

Drive efficiency with a smarter, cheaper, easier way to store documents. Save on the labour and space required by paper filing systems. Access and print any of your docs, from any of your sites. All within Navigator’s integrated document scanning and storage system.

Your office just got bigger

How much extra room would you have without big, bulky filing cabinets in your office? With Navigator, you’ll find out – because your documents are stored electronically at our secure Data Centre instead. And yes, they are officially accepted by HMRC.

Save time on filing…

Sorting, collating, filing. It’s a tedious business. With Navigator Document Storage, you simply load the day’s documents into a scanner. Then, they’re organised and stored automatically for you. Now you can do something more productive with your filing time.

…and retrieval

Searching for paper documents? It takes almost as much time as it did to file them! But not with Navigator Document Storage. Access documents directly from your DMS. View, download or print with the click of a button. It couldn’t be faster, or easier.

More secure, more accessible

With Navigator Document Storage, your files are stored off-site at our highly secure Data Centre. State-of-the-art encryption and fire-suppression keep security much tighter than with paper records. And you can access your files from anywhere, via the cloud.

Detailed reports in your preferred format

Navigator's extensive array of reports includes full management accounts and Daily Operating Control reports. Every report can be sent to Microsoft Excel for formatting and “what if” analysis.

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