Integrated eVHC - Vehicle Health Checks

With the powerful Navigator eVHC system integrated within your DMS, you’ll discover powerful new sales tools and save hours of wasted data entry time. Wireless devices give your technicians more flexibility. And customers will find your service more helpful and personalised than ever before.

The start of something big

Picture this. A technician carrying out a health check finds the vehicle will need new brake pads soon. With a standalone eVHC system, that’s the ends of the story. But with Navigator, the data is shared and triggers important sales opportunities. Then reception creates a price estimate. |And marketing schedules follow-up communications. So sales increase. Suddenly eVHC is much more valuable to your business.

Monitor and improve performance

Navigator eVHC gives you great management reports too. You’ll see which eVHC technicians are the most accurate and productive in the business. And you’ll know which sales people are best at up-selling which items. By feeding this data into your training programmes, you can really boost performance.

Un-tether your technicians

Navigator eVHC works wirelessly with tablets and other compatible devices. So your technicians can use its easy-to-learn interface anywhere – in the vehicle, around the workshop and anywhere else they need to.

A better customer experience

Forget shabby, hard-to-read, handwritten service sheets. Navigator eVHC enhances the customer experience with professional, printed colour reports.
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