Marketing and CRM

Effective marketing is vital to your success. We all know that.  But how do you do it smarter? More cheaply? More efficiently? Navigator makes that happen, with better results by using only timely and accurate data.  So you can run entire email, text and mail
campaigns with a just few clicks. And get pinpoint results analysis that hones and enhances future campaigns.

Create. Send. Done.

What’s your preferred marketing channel? Email? Text? Letter? With Navigator you can easily use all three. Run campaigns, send e-shots and follow up sales messages with a few clicks. You can even have printed letters delivered with Click-to-Mail. Your sales and marketing staff will find it easy with Navigator.  It makes campaigns more efficient and makes more sense.

Stronger customer relationships

Every dealership dreams of having the most accurate and useful CRM database.  We’ve got it.  Soon you can have it, too.

Navigator uses the best data validation methods - postcode
addressing, VRM lookup, TPS etc. - to build and maintain a super-accurate CRM database for you. So every campaign and message reaches the right customer. And customers see that you’ve made the effort to get their details right.  It all counts.  

Insights you can build on

Hard, accurate data means you continually improve campaign performance. That’s why Navigator records detailed results from all of your campaigns, and delivers in-depth analysis. You can create your own data queries and export reports easily to Microsoft® Excel.  Effortless.

jack be nimble, jack be quick

Everything is about marketing.  And marketing is about everything.  So, because Navigator connects marketing to every function of your business, you can be agile and fleet-of-foot, responding to fresh data and new insights.  You can use
data from any department to create shape, develop and improve your campaign. It works harder.  It works smarter.  It means you can anticipate and respond.  It means you can move fast.
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