Get the MOT work, you'll get the rest!

Service Follow up is an essential tool to ensure that your workshop runs at full capacity. In addition, having customers return to the dealership regularly gives an opportunity both for upsell of Aftersales work and also continuous contact to promote the dealer brand and make the next vehicle sale.

the opportunity

One of the key contacts that a dealership can have with a customer is that of an MOT reminder. As a regulatory item, the customer has to have this done.

However, traditionally, customers may not be aware that the dealership offers MOT's or may be under the impression that it is more cost effective to go elsewhere.

It is therefore essential that a dealer is able to contact their customers to promote this service.

The cost of getting it wrong

There is a double whammy for not having the data correct on your DMS system.

Firstly, there is the cost of missed opportunity. A single missed MOT opportunity can cost. One in four vehicles tested will fail, and the profit from the upsale here is potentially significant.

Secondly, there is a cost of sending reminders to vehicles which don't actually require an MOT - due to bad data.

the problem

The problem is the quality of data on the dealership's system.

If a customer goes elsewhere for an MOT you aren't aware and the new expiry date is unknown to the dealer.

New vehicles added to the system, where an MOT is not carried out will often not have an MOT date entered - especially if they are entered into the system outside of the workshop system.

The Navigator solution

Navigator can deliver an automated continuous MOT Data Cleanse as part of the solution.

It starts with a full cleanse to ensure that the complete database is correct, and then each month a re-check of any new vehicles added to the system, along with any that have visited the dealership along with any that are due for MOT follow up in the next month.

This ensures that you never miss an MOT opportunity again
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