Take online service bookings to the next level

Take customers from service reminder to confirmed booking in a few clicks. Navigator online booking links with your DMS and website to make bookings more convenient and more efficient. Increase your conversion rates with Navigator.

Convert more bookings

In only four clicks, your customers can go from email or SMS to an instant booking confirmation. And they can do so any time of day, from any device. So it’s easier, quicker and much more convenient to book with your dealership.

Wish you could spend fewer man-hours dealing with service bookings?

You’re in luck. With Navigator, online bookings automatically appear on your system. There’s no re-keying data. And no need for costly telephone or in-person service. Enjoy the savings.

More accurate customer data

When your customers book online and check their own details, accuracy is much higher. With Navigator, those details go straight into your database. So you get best quality CRM data, better marketing response rates, and Mr Bullock gets his name spelled correctly next time.

Integrates with Navigator Aftersales Contact Management

The Navigator ACM integrates with the online Service Booking system such that Navigator can automatically send email or smartphone messages to customers linking them to the online booking page on the website.

Click here for a demo of the Online Booking
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