Parts & Stock Control

Navigator’s parts system doesn’t just organise your stock nicely, it actually helps you generate more profit from parts sales. How? By reducing staff errors, managing deliveries, creating smart reports and protecting your margin on every sale. In fact, it does everything you wish your parts system could do.

Enter the matrix

The smart pricing matrix is constantly working, always updating. So, even though Navigator applies each customer’s authorised discount automatically, the matrix ensures that your profit margin is protected on every sale.

Eliminate costly staff errors

Because you can pre-set the correct discount level for any scenario – like special orders, or collection and delivery – your staff no longer need to discount manually. This eliminates pricing errors, so means fewer re-invoices and customer credit notes.

See the big management picture

With insightful and timely reports on sales by customer type, staff member and other categories, you’ll be in a position to make smarter management decisions. These reports export easily to your spreadsheet software, so you can analyse, share and manipulate to your heart’s content.

Make delivering easier

Navigator enables you to manage your deliveries in the way that best suits you.  For example, using multiple vans. And the delivery reports show you exactly what to load on each van before dispatch. No more loading errors.  And customer
signature sheets are provided for each delivery.


Run a retail store? Navigator’s parts system gives you all the EPOS facilities you need. It integrates easily with your POS tills and barcode readers too.

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