Sales 360

Sales 360 enables all digital and physical sales enquiries to be professionally handled and managed into sales.

Manages enquiries from all sources

The latest DMS Navigator update includes one of the most valuable pieces of software available to dealership sales staff, compiling all the many enquiries from a customer – whether via the website, from Autotrader, direct email, from the manufacturer or wherever – into one document so the multiple enquiries can be handled as one.

360Degree view of the enquiry

Sales 360 identifies the customer and gathers together all their enquiries, whether asking for a PX vehicle valuation, a new car query via the manufacturer’s website, test drive requests, notes via the finance company – the list goes on.  Sales 360 creates a single contact stream by merging multiple enquiry requests from the same customer into a single enquiry – all automatically.

It’s called Sales 360 and it sits at the heart of the Navigator

Sales 360 is the new Navigator sales enquiry manager module.  It collects,
collates and cross-references all of a customer’s different digital enquiries
into one place, saving time, eliminating confusion and preventing different
sales people handling enquiries from the same customer.

Sales Enquiry management made easy

Result? A fully-informed and professionally handled customer, with your DMS enabling you to be on top of your game.   
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